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139 Baggot Street Lower
Dublin 2

Ph: 01-6763090

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Casual Pub.
Toners Pub situated on Baggot Street is a true Dublin Pub in every sense of the word. Having dropped in, on a Saturday afternoon, the pub was packed to the brim, both upsatirs and downstairs with a largely rugby based crowd watching a game (Ireland has just beaten Italy and everyone was in good spirits.) The atmosphere was fun and gregarious and although we settled for a place to stand, it took nothing away from our enjoyment of the pub. The pints were 'delish' and although a little bit pricey, the service was top class. The wall was adorned with articles on the pub - both new and old - highlighting this pub as an authentic pub, indeed apparently it is the only pub WB Yeats ever visited and having sipped on a sherry he was said to delare, 'Okay, I've seen a pub and never want to see another one' or something along those lines. All said, if you're looking for a great pint, a good chat and some food - traditional Dublin stew was on offer, look no further than this little nugget of a 'real' pub.

Public Reviews:
- The staff in Toners are lovely - so welcoming and friendly. A few of the younger bar men are quite handsome!!! The clientelle however, tends to be a lot of older men, hugely interested in their pints and the sport. Drink is reasonably priced, similar to other local bars. However, it would be a place I would go for a few drinks with the family rather than friends.
Amy, Clontarf

- Toners, on Baggot street, is small but a nice old Irish bar with very friendly bar staff. Beer is expensive but the craic is nice.
Review courtesy of hidden-dublin.com