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Rathmines Road Lower
Dublin 6

Ph: 01-4126285

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Casual Pub.
Public Reviews:
- A friendly quiet place, where you can relax and pleasure yourself with a pint. Friendly immigrant staff seem to know you by your name, even if you've never been there before and it's not your real name. Bouncers ill at ease, always cracking jokes. Smoking still acceptable in toilets on weekend nights. Outlandish barmen with pidgeon english give the pub a continental feel. Theres a great mix of clientele, just gay enough to take a gay freind, just straight enough for a straight one. Name a mystery as no toast actually served??? although selection of other meals available(may contain nut traces) Rating: SD
Submitted by Anto, Dublin

- This place is so comfy inside and though the outside would put u off cos it looks small, it's massive inside. There's loadsa couches and is pretty open, no dancefloor but once you sit down you wont be able to get up!
Submitted by Kaza, Stillorgan

- This pub is very brightly lit and has a high ceiling and lots of couches and low tables. It serves very good food at reasonable enough prices. The bar staff, although always running around doing something, are pretty friendly when they finally do get around to serving you. You'll find alot of people in this pub sitting around on their own reading their books and tapping their feet to the incessant jazz music played at a low enough volume (thankfully).
The beer selection is pretty standard, I stuck to bottled beer as it was early in the evening and there weren't that many people there, I didn't fancy having the first Guinness of the day. I couldn't imagine the place ever being too busy as the small little couches take up alot of space and make it very hard to get to and from the bar.
On the plus side they did have a Premier League Football match on the big screen. The only thing was it didn't seem to fit in with the whole chin stroking atmosphere. Maybe I'll go back some day, just have to grow a long pointy beard first and buy a few poetry books!
Submitted by Joseph Byrne, Dublin

- This bar used to be known as "The Lamp" back in the day and I preferred it then. At the moment they have loads of settee's (or couches as they're also known as these days). This, of course, is when I used to live in Rathmines when I was a happy student. Now it is called "Toast", Toast was coloured beige/fawn and is now a bizarre shade of orange. The staff here are pleasant mostly. I think they should have more than two barmen though, in the same way that our listening experience is enhanced by the transition to Dolby 5.1 from stereo. More is more. I would drink here again. Otherwise this place is as good as any to drink in.
Submitted by Danny Smith, Finglas

- Nestled neatly beside the wonderful cafe Moda, Toast is where the whelans crowd goes when they grow up. With a wonderful platter of indie music, some interesting pop music and a choice supply of ladies, Toast is a fine replacement for Tramco. Rathmines can attract a good crowd and Toast ensures they have somewhere to go.
The bouncers are polite, the staff can be dubious but the comfort factor for those who get a seat is the main draw.
Toast is modern, comfortable but with a bite at the weekend.
Submitted by Gerry, Rathmines