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Thomas Read

Thomas Read

Thomas Read
Parliament Street
Dublin 2

Ph: 01-6771487

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Music with Late Bar.
Thomas Read is situated on the corner of Parliament Street and Dame Street smack bang in the centre of Dublin. It is a trendy and hip (at least the crowd like to think so) pub where drinking from bottles is the 'thing'. This place is nearly absolutely packed every night of the week. The floor layout is bad with lots of people standing around tables which means if you have a seat you will have a gigantic struggle getting to and from the bar (although there are lounge girls but they have the same problem). It is a good pub with a friendly atmosphere and good music plays throughout the night. It has a late bar on the weekends only. Service is as quick as can be expected in a packed pub and the pints taste good. It's a good place to meet in, or drop into for a couple but staying for a few hours could drive you mad when it's packed.

Public Reviews:
1. A lively young crowd where talking is the name of the game. Both pubs have a similar type crowd, mainly 20 somethings with good jobs or students with money. A good pub for enjoying yourself in.
Review courtesy of dublinpubs.net

2. Thomas Reads bar on Dame Street is a must for all young people. Not only has the ground floor got a restaurant and a cafe, but downstairs is a mecca for all young indie rockers who seek anight of good music. The only problem with this bar is that both upstairs and downstairs gets very overcrowded, especially on a Friday and Saturday night. The drink is fairly expensive upstairs but I was disgusted at the price I had to pay for a Jameson and a dash of red in the Indie bar downstairs. 6.80!!!
So, if great music and expensive beer is what your after, then Thomas Reeds is the ideal place, and the talent is good too!
Submitted by Andy Humphries

3. This is a great pub. Made up of two parts, one older pub called The Oak and another more trendy (and more spacious) part called Thomas Reads. It's packed at the weekends and there is a fantastic club downstairs on Friday and Saturday nights. Entry to the club is free and if you like Pearl Jam, Weezer, Suede and all things alternative this is absolute heaven! Pints are good too.
Submitted by Anne, South Africa

4. This is the best pub in Dublin for a drink on a Thursday!
Submitted by Sef Matthews, Dublin

5. Great pub for a few pints but the Erdinger is well over priced at 5.50. Never going back.
Submitted by Mick, UK - Derby but living in Dublin now.