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The Long Hall

The Long Hall

The Long Hall
Georges Street
Dublin 2

Ph: 01-4751590

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Casual Pub.
The Long Hall is on Geroges Street and basically is a long hall. As you enter the bar is on the right and space is at a premium. If it is packed when you get there, you're probably better off leaving as most people tend to spend the night. It is brightly lit and the 'hall' is full of conversation and is very lively as a result. The pints are fine, the service is grand and the price is good. The only problem is the toilets which are tiny so you will have to queue. Aside from this, The Long Hall is a great boozer to wile the night away in with friends.

Public Reviews
- It was great to find such a beautiful original irish pub that has stood the test of time. I was enchanted the minute I walked into the bar.what was supposed to be just one pint ended up with me drinking there all weekend. The customers and the staff were really friendly and made me feel welcome. Thanks michelle n val. It was great to be served a perfect pint by truly professional staff. Will be my first and probably last stop on my next visit to dublin
Submitted by Sean Doyle, New York

- We enjoyed a pint or two here and the cahrm is excellent. You will love the interior and the bar keep Val back it even more enjoyable.
Submitted by Jeff, Boston

- A fine old Dublin Pub. Doesn't look too great from the front due to the demolition of the building next to it but well worth a visit. Great Victorian gantry. Always a good mix of people and does a great pint.
Submitted by John, Edinburgh

- The Long Hall, surrounded these days by signs of big-box takeovers with recent renovations on George Street, is certainly a pub worthy of being called an institution. It's where the old boys go out for pints, so I'm told. Now, Dublin and where I'm from have this in common: both regions have recently adopted a no-smoking bylaw in public places. Because of this, longtime patrons of the Long Hall and newcomers alike have discovered a strange smell in the air, one that may well have been floating in the Long Hall for a while now. Seems the old boys are not afraid of letting 'em rip between pints. Be warned...
Submitted by Sonya, Canada

- Just returned from a long week-end in Dublin. Without researching the watering holes we arrived in Dublin eagerly seeking to taste the Guinness. Generally we were not disappointed. The Long Hall was by far the best pub where we not only tasted but stayed to drink Guinness. I would thoroughly recommend this pub to anyone.
Submitted by Norman, Essex

- As The Long Hall stands alone in the middle of a redevelopment it would suggest that it has some sort of preservation order on it and quite rightly so. When you go inside you feel as though you are entering a pub that has altered very little since it was first opened and in that sense it is intriguing and well worth a visit. However it is not a place that I will be rushing back to. When I went there it was a wet Tuesday afternoon in November, probably not representative of the normal atmosphere in there I know, there were about eight people in there, all on their own and you could have heard a pin drop. As soon as I walked in I knew that one pint would be all I was having. I found it difficult to imagine the place packed, lively and full of conversation. While I was in there the barman was just finishing his shift and another one took over, neither of them said any more than the bare minimum which was again disappointing. Go there by all means to observe a piece of history but don't expect to stay too long.
Submitted by John King, Warwick

- A grand old pub in the classic Dublin tradition. Mighty craic, a droll man behind the sticks who's a fine fellow. Stay at Kelly's...it's a slow dance to the stairs. My favorite!
Submitted by Tim Kerns, Tallahassee, Florida, USA

- Nearly always busy, this pub, while not being as well known as O'Donoghues and the Brazen Head, certainly has character. And it is genuine and not as result of 'marketing'. A real Irish pub. Go there and take it in.
Review courtesy of dublinpubs.net

- scientific american vol 206 num 6 jan-june 1962 5/62 pg 119;the book of beer, bob abel pg 8; and i,the honorable la petite couchon touch my toes and give the full monty,drum roll please, sealed in an empty mayonaise jar on funk and wagnall's porch oh,guiness breath. harvard magazine july-aug 2001 84c thank you thank you a pint for all spare no expence.
Submitted by La Petite couchon

- ...yep, take on a hide of elephant skin before you do battle with the bar man's wits here...go for the whiskey,enjoy the Guinness, just absorb the hum of conversation and the smell of hops. Faded grandeur of the decor, authenicity in every nook and cranny... Brought me back to the 70's when pubs were pubs and shoes reflected good intentions for Sundays!
Submitted by Clare Lynch, Sligo