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The Auld Triangle

The Auld Triangle

The Auld Triangle
29 Dorset Street Lower
Dublin 1

Ph: 01-8363378

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Public Reviews:
- This Place is the biz.We called on a friday evening for a few quick ones and stayed all night.The barmen are great crack and theres a really nice crowd.Great sounds even if you do have to pay.Would highly recommend a visit.Good Value and all that a pub should be good.
Submitted by Darren, Galway

- A few friends and I stumbled upon this pub at 10:00 on a Friday morning - our first day in Dublin. We were just going to stop in for our first Irish pint, but ended up having so much fun that we stayed until nearly 4. The bar owner, Aiden, was very friendly and offered us some good stories and education about the culture. My sister loved the jukebox. If you go, please tell Aiden that his friends back in Michigan say 'hello'!
Submitted by Michelle, Michigan

- I loved this pub! The previous reviewer was right to say that there were some older men there and that it was a quiet, local place. However, your time is what you make of it. This pub was located near our hotel and was the first pub we went to in Ireland. We sat right at the bar and talked to the owner, Aidan. We learned a lot about Ireland from him and had great conversation, lots of laughs, and some reasonably priced pints. Cheers!
Submitted by Abbey, Philadelphia

- This is a tiny pub that seems out of place in a big city. It's like a country pub with old men drinking at the bar. I was there with two other girls and we got a lot of looks from the locals. Go there if you want a quiet pint. It'll be the quietest pint you ever drink!
Submitted by Patricia, Cork