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Liz Delaneys

Liz Delaneys

Liz Delaneys
Northside Shopping Centre
Oscar Traynor Road
Dublin 5


Public Reviews:
- The blacker is a great spot full of nice people,great music and good for karaoke(i love to get up and sing no limits)
Submitted by Ken, Coolock

- I love the blacker, im always there with all my friends, its a great place to just have fun, there's alot of gorgeous fella's Especially Des Nolan, he's so hot, hey DES XXXXXXX. SO come the blacker for a night to remember
Submitted by Stephen, Edenmore

- The Blacker is the place to be if ya want a good rave, 3euro Thursday and Sunday,legendary!!!!
Submitted by Sarah, Moatview

- The Blacker is a great place to go, Friendly people and 40year olds who think their still 18. The music is great but the lack of hot moths bring the place down. The staff are cool especially a bar man called Craig. The doormen are sound and no one has a problem getting in plus if your lucky you might get to see a boxing match afterwards. So come on in and say hello!
Submitted by Glenn & Sean, Coolock

- Just left the place. always up there. wat a laugh. birds r very nice to.
Submitted by Tiddler / Robbie, Ballymun

- the blacker is g8 i always hav a laugh with me mates the girls ars massive there is a massive youngone called meagan i do see her the odd time ! lv gavin xxxx
Submitted by Gavin, Coolock

- its always deadly to find a bit of new meat[fellas]theyre good targets to buy me drink. loads of other girls fellas i can rob! musics brilliant and the bar men are tops! i love it on saturday night and sunday and i suppose thursday ah its brilliant every night.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.
Submitted by Madeline, Donaghmede

- The blacker is cool.. ders sum lovely birds up der especially one lil fine ting.. ELAINE BRADSHAW if ur checkin dis out dont be afraid to come over babe x x x x x
Submitted by Greener, Coolock

- great place to be on thursday ,saturday and sunday nights musics brilliant.
Submitted by Donna, Dublin

- gr8 pub,n/club is kicking,lovely barstaff/doormen,musics gr8 and the n/club manager is sooo sexy xxx
Submitted by Sarah, Coolock

- i think the blacker is so cool all the fellas are so hot and if i was good looking i wud cop off coz there gorgeous . there s one fella i really like , if hes looking at this give me a bell.his name is philly martyn i was wit him once but he wont answer my texts or calls luv always suzie x x x x x x
Submitted by Suzie, Belcamp

- The Blacker is Kicking its a local to sit around with your matees.you dont feel out of place if your not dressed up its all good.the drink is good.the music is well classics
Submitted by Ciara, Coolock

- The blacker is great spot to meet up wit old friends. The bouncers are really nice and manage to keep the place under control ( That is inside not out!) the drinks are cheap always good deals on. There are a few bowgies up there but ye always have a laugh jus make sure not to hang round outside. The barmen are sexy things!!!!
Submitted by Debs, Coolock

- The Blacker is the place to be i go there every week sometimes twice a week and always have a f**kin deadly night!! The bouncers are real sound and some of the bar men are gorgeous he he!! If ye want good deals on drinks definitely go the Blacker!
Submitted by Samantha, North Dublin

- I love the blacker! I always c old friends that I havent seen 4 ages! D bar staff r gr8 I love joe n james gr8 blokes hehe 3euro drinks on thursday cant complain.....the bouncers r sweethearts i can sit n chat all nyt!theres lodsa taxis t fall into n im never short of talent t look at!d bollux of a pub gr8 nyt x
Submitted by Ciara, Coolock

- Quite a popular late night bar for locals and outsiders alike. The Lounge itself is a great spot for all those premiership matches, especially the Man Utd. Liverpool games, as the majority of the locals divide evenly. The nightclub is however overpriced!! Although you are saving on taxi fare to and from the city centre, the drink prices surely compensate for it. A mixed crowd but starting to get younger and younger each week. All in all a good spot with efficient and friendly staff. Taxi's are plentiful for the journey home.
Submitted by Kelly, Dublin