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East Essex Street / Eustace Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

Ph: 01-6779315

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Live Trad & Late Bar w/ Music.
Fitzsimons is situated in the heart of Temple Bar. The atmosphere is usually great as it is nearly always packed due to the amount of live Irish music it showcases, every Monday to Thursday at 8.30pm, Saturdays at 5pm and Sundays offers three sessions at 12.30pm, 4.00pm and 8.00pm. The Ballroom Nite Club is open late 7 nights a week. The beer is expensive coming probably to compensate for the free live music which is on every day except Fridays. Service can be frustrating due to the amount of people crowded in but the staff are very helpful and efficient. It is also the home of Dublin's largest screen (allegedly) to watch all the major live sporting events on.
This pub is wheelchair accessible.

Public Reviews:
- Was fantastic for a Sunday night in the club. Very lively. Good music and a good atmosphere. Would love to get back in contact with Janine, from Salzburg, working as a housekeeper in Winchester, who was in the club on 14/01/2007.
Submitted by Desmond, Berkshire

- 6 of us stayed here for two nights and used it as a base. Great staff, great craic and as a smoker the roof terrace/bar was a godsend!!Prices are just what you'd pay in any city centre but the bouncers could use a bit of training. We loved it and a special thanks to Maraid!
Submitted by Andy, Scotland

- If you like a smoke(tobacco) and a pint/music then this is the place for you ...Theres a first class beer garden on the roof of this watering hole.
Submitted by Gerry, Glasgow, Scotland

- Just too expensive for what you get! There is nothing in the place that can possibily justify their prices.
Submitted by Declan, Meath

- Had a 3 day break in dublin + went here every day. expensive but so are all the pubs. the staff friendly, big screen was great for watching sport + the atmosphere was very welcoming. only sour note was the arrogant, ignorant bouncers who give the delightful temple bar a bad name. would definately visit this pub again in the future... thank you for your irish charm
Submitted by Davina & Antonia, Liverpool

- I found this pub to be very livley i loved the roof terrace as we were able to smoke up there there was a fab mix of people and we ended up in there for 2 out of our 3 night stay in fitsimons
Submitted by Steven & Emma, Wales

- Some locals tried to dissuade me from Fitzsimons Pub claiming it was "Too touristry." But the life of the crowd, the entertainment, and the personable bartenders made one feel quite at home. The dancers and musicians represented Ireland with spirit and excellence. My Dublin friends came in later and exclaimed, "This is far better than we thought it would be," as we enjoyed a pint and listened to true Irish tunes, and watched the pretty and talented Irish dancers. Just because it is Temple Bar and there are a lot of tourists doesn't mean that it can't be Irish. I went to Fitzsimons on my last night in Dublin. What a fine memory to take back to the States.
Submitted by Peter Olson, Poynette, WI, USA

- Went to this pub in the middle of my stay and went back again. I loved the atmosphere and the Irishness of it. I wanted to sample live Irish music and dance and that was exactly what I got. Would definitely go back in the future if I were in Ireland.
Submitted by Zoe Defoe, Essex, UK

- Good night out. Yes, there are tourists there, especially on a weekend, (as there are in most clubs in temple bar), but the crowd is very mixed and the atmosphere is lively and fun. It can get very busy after about 10pm, but there is also a quieter bar upstairs if you fancy a break. Very good place to go at the beginning of an evening, to have a few drinks whilst planning the night ahead.
Submitted by Jude, London, UK

- I thought it was a ok pub very expensive and the staff were very nice but the bouncers were very rude. good nite out in the pub but bring plenty of money if u wnt to get drunk.
Submitted by Heather, Scotland

- Ordered a pint when the lights were flashed to signify "last orders" 5 minutes later we were asked to finish up and leave. Is 5 minutes a reasonable time to finish a pint? I didn't think so and refused to leave despite massive pressure from Bouncers. 4 of them gathered round me and began threatening me but I wouldn't budge as I wasn't intimidated. I finished my drink slowly and went home (friends had been waiting for me!). If a pub serves you a last drink you should have time to finish it comfortably.
Submitted by Wayne, Kerry