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Harry Street
Dublin 2

Ph: 01-6775362

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Music with Late Bar.
Bruxelles is situated on Harry Street just off the middle of Grafton Street. Bruxelles has something for everybody. Upstairs is the casual pub playing the latest music, downstairs has both a rock music area and an alternative music area. The atmosphere is lively yet laid back. The pub is open late at the weekends until 2.30am. The pricing is reasonable compared with the surrounding area. Service is fast and the staff are friendly. Due to it's unique atmosphere and music, Bruxelles is very popular so get there early if you want a seat. One other thing which was greatly appreciated was the fact that when ordering a JD and coke, the coke was offered as splash significantly reducing the price - it was in fact cheaper than a pint.
An added bonus is the outside seating which on a summer day is an excellent place to spend a few hours, taking in the sunshine and the passing crowds. It also will please smokers. Indeed as the night draws in, the coverings are pulled down and the heaters go on, which helps endure the cold nights. Seats however are at a premium and if you do manage to get some, you'll see a lot of jealous people walking by.
Public Reviews:
- I've been drinking here for two years and have made some really great friends. Full of interesting people. The bouncers (contrary to popular belief) are actually really nice when you get to know them. The barstaff are very friendly+always smiling. Big shout out to Barry behind the bar here! Legend! DJ in the indie bar is a good friend; Disco Dave. Always has the best music playing. Go to the Zodiac Sessions open mic night downstairs on a wednesday. Great fun!
Submitted by Ally, Dublin

- We´ve (3 german guys) been there last Monday. Perfect Location, perfect food, super nice staff. Thanks a lot!
Submitted by Oliver, Sindelfingen, Germany

- Thank you very much that there is a good place for Heavy Metal!! Bruxxies always rocks!! Furthermore I got an announcement: Hi party people!!! has someone found a mobile (last night - 5 May) with a green keyholder chain? I would be very grateful for any hints and advice. Thanks in advance,
Submitted by Nessy aka CelticSheep26, Dublin

- I met my (now) wife in front of Bruxelles Bar 3 years ago yesterday. It obviously has very fond memories for us both and is the nicest place in Dublin to have a beer and watch the world go by. Great atmosphere, friendly staff and patrons - it's a quality place and I would recommend it if your looking for a lady of wife quality!
Submitted by Stuey, Cardiff

- Behold the best Bar in Dublin! Ive been drinking since Robin was running the place and his son and staff do a great job. Open late in the heart of the city, try it on a friday night and at closing time take a wander down Grafton St to listen or watch the buskers. OOh, Did I mention the best looking men around?!! Live long and be Happy!
Submitted by Marianne, Dublin

- 'Junchesterst' spend 3 days in Dublin. And 2 days in Bruxelles. Staff were fantastic, waited on me like I was royalty. Toilets were spotlesss. Food great, had inch thick steak n mash with spring onion in it. Staff fantastic n friendly. Had great chat with fit barmaid with relations in Manchester. Phil Lynotts mum still visits here. Im coming back soon.
Submitted by Pierre, Kent

- The wife and I visted Dublin for a long weekend Thursday to Sunday. We went to Bruxelles on the Friday night. Outside was nice, Upstairs was OK (the barmaid helped her self to a tip- hmmmm intersting customer service)!! So upstairs we were dubious but then we found down stairs - Come ON! This place was great, Fantastic music from the moment we got in there. The jukebox was great and then the DJ was great.Beer was pricey but Staff were nice. We stayed all night. I would deffo go back.
Submitted by Scott, Bristol

- I hadn't been to this pub in quite a while&was so surprised at how well it has come on! The bouncers,barstaff,toliets all clean&efficient!Being able to go bring your drink outside and have a smoke was nice too..there's a lot of places ya can't do that..and the bestest thing was the people..chatted away to so many down-to-earth folk..no pretentiousness here!
Submitted by Dee, Dublin

- Bruxelles is not a great pub. It is simply an average Dublin pub with good music all night and a fine place to stand outside. Inside it is too cramped and I agree with comments above; unfriendly barstaff and bouncers that really, really should loosen up!
Submitted by Koen, Antwerp, Belgium

- One of my favourite spots in the whole city i love this place great music great service great atmosphere makes you eel like your on holiday everytime 10 out of 10
Submitted by Fiona, Dublin

- I don't really like this place but i usually end up there (from midnight on) when with a crowd in town. I find the music way too loud and annoying in both the rock and indy parts and on a saturday night the service is way too slow, for the money this place rakes you'd think they would have alot more staff. everytime i've been there on saturday nights ive had to wait maybe 10 or 15 mins just to get an overpriced beer. Its very cramped, too hot, theres no chance of getting seats and the toilets are a joke. If your just looking for somewhere thats serves booze late go for it, otherwise stay away.
Submitted by Dave, Dublin

- Used to be a great rock pub, only the jukebox remains great everything else has gone to the dogs! Rude bar staff who take pride in ignoring punters and equally rude door staff have ruined this place..
Submitted by Ed, Dublin

- Haven't been in a while but the best Metal Jukebox around! The bouncers need to loosen up though, they make you think you should be priviliged to pay for overpriced drinks.
Submitted by Pam, Cork

- Wicked place, we were took here by some locals, otherwise doubt we'd have found it, great venue.. preffered upstairs, cos i thoguht the music was better, drinks reasonably priced, good atmosphere, will defo visit again!!
Submitted by Gemma, Bournemouth

- I have been going to that pub since around 1990 and all throughout my time living in dublin, anytime i go back there now i always go to bruxelles. it is the best pub in dublin and has the best metal jukebox i have ever heard.
Submitted by Zara, Kerry

- Bruxelles is your local in town. There is no friendly pub in Dublin. I've bee going there since 1984, when I lived in Dublin, but I still pop in every time I go back. There are regulars who have been going there since 84 who I still see there now. That's unusual for a city centre pub and gives you an idea how friendly it is.
Submitted by Spruce, Oxford

- Been drinking in this bar since 1990. Fantastic staff, beer and music. Never a sign of any trouble and it is a pleasure to spend my time and money there.
Submitted by Tony McG, Dublin

- Love the pub! Some in the staff still remember me and my friends since the time we were regulars in 2000 during our au-pair-period in Dublin!
Submitted by Johanna, Sundsvall, Sweden

- I love this pub, can never go wrong here! metal part is the coolest place ever. Love this place!!!
Submitted by Karla, Dublin

- (Metal downstairs) Pleasent start to the night. Good Atmosphere with fitting music (Iron Maiden etc.). Great pint and service. The sound was really bad though, too loud and no detail. Noise.
Submitted by Bob, Dublin

- A really great pub. The barstaff are one of the best I've seen in Dublin, always well dressed, friendly and professional. Upstairs is great for relaxing in the early hours of the evening for a chat, while downstairs contains some friendly locals. Can get quite busy at weekends. Very warm cosy decor. One of the few remaining true pubs in Dublin with a wide range of clientele in a good friendly atmosphere.
Submitted by Dermot O' Reilly, Templeogue

- Really great pub. Very traditional and warm atmosphere. Pretty much how I pictured an Irish pub. Very nice, the service was excellent.
Submitted by Chris, California

- The downstairs bar is one of the few remaining rock bars in dublin and that is what you will hear in the jukebox and plenty of it.
Submitted by Derek, Finglas

- I am a wheelchair user and I like heavy metal and everyone is ok with helping me down. All the staff are very helpful and polite.
Submitted by Martin, Dublin

- Cool place. Relaxing atmosphere and a grand pint. A bit expensive but a great place to go for a change with some good music. This is a place you could make your local.
Submitted by Lisa, Dublin

- Great lively pub. I've had a great time in here, the bar staff are excellent and very quick to serve you. The bouncers are very friendly as well they say "have a good night" when you walk in the and their always very talkative. The music downstairs is very good if your into rock/metal the DJ always has an excellent range of bands. all in all very great and good friendly locals.
Submitted by Fiona, Dun Laoighre, Dublin

- I have never been disappointed with Bruxelles where I have visited over 20 years on and off. The craic is great and the bar staff more than helpful. Their "Irish Stew" is just what is needed on "Rugby Weekend" lunchtimes before the game. Just cannot fault the place. Even the loos are not as bad as some reports.
Submitted by Peter, Edinburgh

- This used to be a good pub but since 2003 it has gone steadily downhill. Upstairs used to be great but the barstaff seem to be intent on playing the music too loud and cool music has been replaced by dance, with the exception of one barstaff the area extremely rude, unfriendly and non efficient leaving you standing at the bar and ignoring you deliberately, pity as it used to be my regular! Still, outside in summer is great, probably cause you don't need to be inside the place! Good live bands though.
Submitted by Fabien Zacshevski, Poland

- Very unfriendly staff. if you want pints thrown at your face you should go to bruxelles. I've been to a lot of rock, heavy metal bars in Europe as I've been listening to this music since early 80s, never seen this bad, this unfriendly bar staff.
Submitted by J Keskin

- Bruxelles is by far the best pub in Dublin. I am very into the metal scene and I find the DJ's taste satisfactory! Drink is cheap (for this country) and the metaller men are fiiiine!
Submitted by Lisa, Dun laoghaire

- I've been going to this pub for a year now and it has yet to let me down. The people are great the staff are fun n friendly and the atmosphere is excellent. The metal part is my haven.
Submitted by Bambi, Dublin

- I was short changed for definate by barman on 8 th Jan. Manager was unhelpful.Avoid this pub.
Submitted by Al, Dublin